Every company needs to market their business, but many small- and medium-sized companies don’t have the time or expertise to do so themselves. For those in need of marketing help, hiring an agency can be an intelligent choice. However, it’s crucial to avoid mistakes that may cause your goals to derail when searching for and selecting the best marketing agency for your business. We’ve outlined some of the most common mistakes below so that you don’t make them yourself!

1.   Going With A Low Bid Instead Of A Good Fit

Unfortunately, you often get what you pay for—or don’t get. Low-cost marketing agencies might not have your best interests at heart and could even do more harm than good if they try to take shortcuts or make mistakes with your budget. If you choose an agency based on price alone, you’re probably going to end up disappointed. Going with a low bid instead of considering your needs is a downfall, especially if it’s your first time hiring an agency of any kind.

Your experience with a marketing agency should be empowering, and you shouldn’t feel like there was anything left to chance. You deserve that feeling! You can contact a reputable SEO agency for an affordable, successful marketing strategy.

2.   Skipping References and Backgrounds

Every excellent marketing agency should be able to provide references. References can include past clients, vendors, business associates, and others who can verify their capabilities and authenticity. Suppose an agency that comes your way doesn’t have references readily available. In that case, it’s possible they aren’t legitimate—or worse yet, that they don’t want you to talk with anyone else about them.

By doing this, you will see if they can deliver the results they claim they can achieve. You also want to look at how long they have been in business, what kind of training they have received and how long they’ve been working in the industry. These factors will give you a better idea of how successful their methods will be for your company.

3.   Not Having a Written Agreement Before Signing A Contract

It’s crucial that when you hire an agency, there is a written contract between both parties detailing what exactly they will provide and what you expect from the agency. A major mistake most companies make when hiring a marketing agency is failing to get everything in writing before signing any contracts.

It’s vital not to assume that everything will be as promised because you are working with a firm. You might be surprised when it isn’t. Be sure to have everything put into writing; don’t take your vendor’s word for anything. However, reputable marketing agencies will have everything in writing since they know they will deliver to your expectations

4.   Not Knowing What You Want and Your Goals

Before you begin, you and your prospective agency must be on the same page regarding your marketing goals and objectives. While agencies want to win new business, they won’t be able to help you if they don’t understand what you want—and they won’t know what you want if you don’t tell them.

Guide them to your objectives upfront—what do you want? What results do you expect? And who is your ideal client (or customer)? Discussing your goals and objectives will save everyone time, energy and money down the road. If you don’t know where you want to go, how can anyone else possibly point you in the right direction?

An excellent way for both parties to communicate clearly about desired outcomes is to use a simple SMART goal framework: If you can address these questions before choosing a marketing agency, it will save you money, time, and energy down the road. However, suppose you need any assistance towards achieving your success. In that case, Fanatically Digital will offer free consultations on initial projects to determine your interests and ensure that they are a good fit for you and that they deliver beyond your expectations.

5.   Focusing On Price Only Instead Of Value

When considering the cost of hiring a marketing agency, it’s essential to think of the value of your money instead of just the price- it’s what you give versus what you get. The trouble with focusing on cost alone is that it can cause you to skip essential factors when looking for an agency, such as quality of work and experience with your industry. Never hire a marketing agency simply because they offer rock-bottom rates—it may not be worth the headaches that are sure to follow.

Instead, look for agencies with solid proficiency in your field by demonstrating examples of their past projects. You should also make sure to compare apples to apples when evaluating proposals from different agencies. Comparing costs on paper isn’t enough if some firms charge by project while others charge hourly rates—you need to know how long each firm estimates specific tasks will take to compare prices between them fairly.


Hiring a marketing agency is one of the most important decisions an online business owner can make. But if you choose the wrong partner or don’t manage your relationship with them effectively, you could wind up spending thousands for little to no return. However, it can mean more customers, higher sales, and a better bottom line if you do it right. You can contact Fanatically Digital for successful digital marketing and better revenue results. Your company needs a robust online presence!